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    My Name is Mr.I.Kailayapillai

    The School is Programming very Well With Coopration of Students,Teachers And the Community and Very Well Guided by the Principal.


    With great pleasure I'd like to express my view on that of something which is to be followed by Our Students To Succeed in live . In a nut shell the sucess of students population depands on english and information technology in Today's world.

    Therefore, Every student who gains education in Schools and Other insititutions must enhance their knowledge of english as well as information Technology apart from the main course area. Other thing is that Students who like to go Foward in the education Sphere should choose the stream which suits to them to over come the challenges they face then Only they can progress in their live.


Bt/ Eruvil Kannaki Maha Viddiyalayam is Situated in Eruvil in the Paddiruppu Educational Zone in The Batticaloa District.

There are clasess from Grade one to Grade Thirteen. In the Advanced Level Clasess arts Subjects are taught.

This School is Developed with the help of the Parliamentations and Officers of the Education Department Principal and Staff. 

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